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Canned Emperatriz

More than 50 years of experience as canneries

Conservas Emperatriz is a family business located in La Rioja, dedicated to the manufacture of canned vegetables and fish with more than seventy workers on staff. Our production process is based on the utmost respect for the conservation and protection of the environment. In addition to selecting the best raw materials for our preserves, we prioritize organic farming and sustainable production.

Organic, natural and healthy

We use sustainable and artisan techniques in our production

Sustainable fishing

Our company philosophy obliges us to show the utmost respect for the conservation and protection of the environment. The quality is not at odds with sotenibilidad and thus have achieved various certifications from organizations such as IFS (International Featured Standards) or IPLNF (International Pole and Line Foundation).

Sustainable fishing

Our philosophy has as key points the preservation of the environment and sustainability.

Healthy product

Canned fish contains a high content of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins A, D and B.


More than fifty years in the canning sector have taught us to do things with the love that is required for them to go well.

Quality preserves

Our production process begins by selecting the best raw materials for our preserves.

Organic preserves

You are surrounded by 100% healthy foods, you just need to know where you can find them.

Sustainable production

Our philosophy has as key points the preservation of the environment and sustainability.

Mediterranean cuisine

Preserves full of traditions. Easy and quick recipes without leaving the palate or health aside

Made in Spain

Intimately linked to La Rioja, we have promoted the creation of employment for more than fifty years



    At Conservas Emperatriz we have a wide range of organic preserves, the result of our determined commitment to local and quality products. Organic canning is much more than a product free of industria

  • New image for our range of organic products

    We present what will be the ? NEW IMAGE ? in the line of ORGANIC PRODUCTS and that you can see in supermarkets and specialty stores from 2.020, although some new references, such as the ? roasted Piqu


    “Conservas Emperatriz “have such a commitment with the sustainability, this is why we want to give visibility to some initiatives as “Observes of the Sea”. It is a citizen project promoted by