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Sustainable quality

Commitment to quality and the environment to improve our products and our planet


<strong>Conservas EMPERATRIZ</strong>  has a great commitment to quality in all the products that are made in the plant.

Aware of this commitment to achieve the highest levels of quality in their actions, and the utmost respect for the conservation and protection of the environment, has an Integrated Quality System through its <strong>seal of ecological </strong><strong>product</strong> and <strong>MSC seal</strong>   that regulates the development of fish from sustainable fisheries.

Likewise, a fundamental pillar in  <strong>CONSERVAS EMPERATRIZ</strong>  is its R + D + I department, where every day we work to obtain new products, differentiated products and new forms of use and processing.

Sustainable fishing, sustainable production, quality for many years.

Our philosophy has as key points the preservation of the environment and sustainability, which has determined the evolution of the company towards a work system according to the new values of society.

Made in Spain, sold in the world.

Job stability, equal conditions and safety in each of the jobs are fundamental pillars of our business work.

Organic, ecological and bio products.

Fish as well as varied mushrooms and vegetables, preserves made with the environment in mind and in your own well-being ... something that shows in a unique flavor

Our certificates

Certificado msc

The MSC is a global, independent, non-profit organization created with the aim of finding a solution to the problem of overexploitation of fishery resources.

Its mission is to use our eco-label and certification program to help improve the health of the world's oceans by recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices and influencing consumers' purchasing decisions.

IPNLF: International Pole &amp; Line Foundation

IPNLF's work in fisheries development focuses on maintaining and improving the ecological, social and economic benefits of traditional tuna fleets. This work contributes to the advance of the sustainable supply of tuna.

Using the collective voice of the IPNLF, we advocate for better national and international management for sustainable tuna fishing. Our objective is to protect against overfishing, reduce bycatch of vulnerable species and improve governance.

Certificado dolphin safe

It is one of the most effective environmental programs for the conservation of marine life. This is a contract with the fishing companies to end the practice of dolphin removal by the vessels that use purse seines and to end the use of driftnets in fishing operations, as well as the need to eliminate the death of other marine mammals, marine birds, marine turtles and other species, and to reduce the capture of juvenile tunas.

Logo eco

The terms ecological, organic or biological agriculture define a system of production and elaboration of agri-food products of high nutritional quality, and high flavor that are obtained without using any synthetic chemical product (fertilizers, phytosanitary products, growth stimulants, etc.) or organisms genetically modified (GMO).

Therefore, organic products are respectful to health, both consumer and producer and the environment.

Mushroom of Europe

Champiñón de Europa is a seal of quality that guarantees a method of production that is ethically responsible and sustainable with the environment.

Our products are heart-healthy and our attitude too. We believe that every company has a social responsibility towards its region, with people and with our planet.


The IFS helps to comply with all the requirements of legal security and gives the common and transparent rules for all affected suppliers, as well as a concrete and firm response to the expectations of high security of the clients.

IFS covers internationally accepted common auditing standards, in order to continuously improve consumer safety.