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Fish and shellfish

Certified sustainable fishing

Canned fish prepared with the greatest care, in an artisanal way  , one by one, so that they arrive at your table like freshly caught fish from the sea. Our MSC preserves   have been extracted from their natural environment through sustainable fishingpractices  , a way of taking care of the  marine ecosystem  and offering the highest  quality  in terms of flavor and texture. Try and you’ll remember what the sea tastes like.

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Emperatriz eco

100% organic crops

Did you know that Spain is the number 1 country in hectares dedicated to  organic farming ? You are surrounded by 100% healthy foods, you just need to know where you can find them. Our line of Emperatriz Eco products   are preserves made with the environment in mind   and your own  well-being … something that shows in a  unique flavor , now closer to you.

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Natural & fresh products

Designation of origin Navarra

The asparagus of Navarra , the artichokes , the tomato and piquillo peppers are grown and collected in orchards close to our facilities to develop them to not lose any of its properties. Products with  designation of origin  and PGI  (Protected Geographical Identification) certification  , a sample of  quality and flavor  to rely on.

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Mediterranean specialties

100% Mediterranean food

For those who do not always conform to the same, we present our range of  Mediterranean specialties ; a series of ready-to-eat dishes ideal as complements to other dishes or, simply, as a main course. Because Conservas EMPERATRIZ always bet on the  originality  and  innovation  of our products.

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Horeca (food service) and trays

Save time and enjoy all its flavor

In this section you will find products for catering sectors, as well as bars, cafes and restaurants prepared to save time and lighten the load of these centers. Horeca is an acronym for HOteles , REstaurantes and CAfés . The products provided in this section are prepared for the use of the aforementioned entities and their subsequent consumption.

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