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Observadores del Mar


“Conservas Emperatriz “have such a commitment with the sustainability, this is why we want to give visibility to some initiatives as “Observes of the Sea”. It is a citizen project promoted by the Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC), where scientific investigations are combined with citizen observation and experiences related to the sea. This multifunctional platform based on the dialogue between citizen and scientifics, at the same time, let people have a more tangible answers. The observers group is composed by people with a continuous contact with the sea. Any kind of event related to the sea is analyze, from the...

PEscadores en el mar


As the name suggests, “one-by-one” fishing is about using one hook and one line, to catch tuna, one at a time. This allows fishermen to catch only enough fish without endangering other species or smaller fish. Unlike what happens in trawling practiced by large commercial fleets, the centenary arts, practiced by the tuna boats of the region, are considered environmentally friendly, because they allow the fisherman to choose the fish and thus prevent unnecessary catches. Method 1: Pole-and-line Techniques and equipment vary according to region; usually, pole-and-line fishers throw live baitfish overboard and spray water onto the surface to attract tuna schools, a...

España lidera el ranking mundial como país más saludable.

De acuerdo con un informe elaborado por Bloomberg con fuentes de la Organización Mundial de la Salud, España se posiciona como el país más sano del mundo. Este índice puntúa a las naciones en atención a diferentes variables, como la esperanza de vida al nacer o la exposición a riesgos como el tabaco y la obesidad. Asimismo, también tiene en cuenta los factores medioambientales, como el acceso a agua potable y a sanidad. Este año España ha desbancado a Italia de este ranking y ha dado un salto desde la sexta posición, que ocupaba en 2018. Entre las diez economías...