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Emperatriz - Catálogo de conservas ecológicas - Portada


At Conservas Emperatriz we have a wide range of organic preserves, the result of our determined commitment to local and quality products.

Organic canning is much more than a product free of industrial pesticides, which are so harmful to the environment and the health of consumers. It is a nod to sustainability and to the local producers whom we consider to be members of the Emperatriz family.

Emperatriz - Catálogo de conservas ecológicas - Interior

Emperatriz - Catálogo de conservas ecológicas - Interior

We leave you a link to our catalog of ecological products so that you can better know our range:

In it you can check the large number of formats and different references that we currently have. Asparagus with D.O. Navarra, whole and sliced ​​piquillo peppers, seasoned peppers, mushrooms salad, shiitake mushrooms, whole and sliced mushrooms, whole and halved artichokes, vegetable stew, whole tomato, sundried tomato, tomato sauce, tomato sauce, prepared dishes and spreadable creams among others, in addition to several MSC certified fish references. We hope you like it